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Daily ramblings of an Arashian

31 January 1989
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What they mean to me is hard to sum up in a few words. How can a group, consisting of gay, awesome, and dorkiness bring me such happiness? They are love. Love love love. The dorks, the ghei, the awesome, and the fail. Love them all. Jun-baited, and now I am head over heels over them all. When I talk about them, it's like I can't stop, but when it comes to this, I don't know where to begin, and I'm at a loss of words. I can't thank them enough. And I know I'm not the only one they had saved. Arashi for dream. All the way. My support is with you.
The Fangirl
Other than the flailings, I'm the average girl. Quiet in class, doodling over notebooks and textbooks, hoping I'd pass my classes and that no drama will ensue in my real life. Drawing has been my everything ever since I was younger. God has always been with me even before I was born. Other than that. yep, just a normal girl you'd see. 8)

.Daily Ramblings Of An Arashian Fangirl.